Complete specs are yet to be revealed, but with its size and lightweight construction, this car looks promising.

When you talk about Italian cars, the first names that come into mind are supercar brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, and Alfa Romeo, among others. The cars that these brands make are generally huge and are equipped with equally big power plants that enable their vehicles to reach extensive amount of speeds.

One Italian company, however, does the exact opposite of these popular nameplates. Spice-X, as the company calls it, is a collaborative effort between car companies in Piedmont, Italy. The goal of the company is to create an electric race car with a lightweight construction, and built with non-expensive materials to cut costs. In short, they want to make a race car for everyone.

Electric cars that are fast:

The company is able to create just that, with the Spice-X SX1. Designed by Fabrizio Pepe of Mastery Design, the Spice-X is unusually small measuring 3,827 millimeters (150.6 inches) in length and 1,695 millimeters (66.7 inches) in width. In addition to that, although not disclosed entirely, the materials used in the Spice-X are so light, the overall weight of the car is only 600 kilograms (1,323 pounds). This makes the Spice-X SX1 one of the lightest electric vehicles of the modern age. It kinda reminds us of Lotus, really.

There were no disclosed specs of the Spice-X, however, Motor1 Italy was able to get some details about the car. Aside from the minute size and single-seat capacity, the Spice-X is powered by two electric motors for both rear wheels. Both motors can produce 30 kilowatts (40 horsepower each), which allows the Spice-X to reach its maximum speed of 160 kilometers per hour (99.4 miles per hour) or 210 kilometers per hour (130.4 miles per hour), depending on the version. Torque figures are at 160 Newton meter (118 pound feet) or 400 Newton meter (295 pound feet), which depends on the two battery pack options: 330 volts or 450 volts.

At the moment, there were no disclosed price for each Spice-X, but with the promise of the Piedmont-based company that the car will be affordable for everyone, Spice-X is promising, not to mention that the car looks amazing in its renderings.

Gallery: Spice-X

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