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Holidays can be such a drag for some people, as hotels, resorts, inns, and even lodges can become so crowded, you might as well cancel your scheduled trip with your loved ones. However, this innovative car accessory called Hitch Hotel makes that worry go away. Interested? Read along.

Hitch Hotel is claimed as the world’s first expandable wheel-less trailer. Yes, that means, you won't have to worry about complying to highway towing restrictions because it acts as an extension of your car, not a towed trailer.

For the adventure-seekers

With that, Hitch Hotel can serve as an extra storage space for up to three bicycles, or anything else you could fit into its 60 cubic feet of storage volume when in closed position. The construction is also water-tight, so you won't have to worry about leaking droplets of rain inside the cabin.

Even better, the Hitch Hotel can expand up to seven feet long, dialing up the storage space up to 135 cu.ft. This allows you to convert your wheel-less trailer into a makeshift room, which could comfortably fit up to three people. It even comes with internal legs that drops into place when you expand the trailer.

Hitch Hotel Classic
Hitch Hotel Classic
Hitch Hotel Classic

The Hitch Hotel is made from T6 aluminum and light weight fiberglass, which will fit any vehicle with a Class III trailer hitch. Class II hitch assemblies are also possible, depending on the vehicle’s gross vehicle weight rating. As you can see in the photos, even small cars like a Mini Cooper can fit the Hitch Hotel. It also comes with a two-inch hitch tube assembly and removable wheels for portability.

Right now, the Hitch Hotel Classic has one roof vent and two windows for ventilation, a USB port, and a 12V light socket. In the future, additional power and lighting options will be available, as well as air conditioning.

The Hitch Hotel is currently available at an introductory price of $3,499, which comes with a Kickstarter early bird special, free shipping, and exclusive membership to the First 100 Club. You can visit the Hitch Hotel website to order your own portable wheel-less trailer today.

Watch the video below to see how Hitch Hotel works:


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