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Alfa Romeo wants to sell the 4C sport coupe around the world, including the United States. Harald Wester, Alfa Romeo's CEO, told Automotive News at the Geneva auto show that the 4C is headed stateside. The production-ready 4C debuted in Geneva last week.

Fiat will be bringing the Alfa Romeo brand to the United States and plans are to create a dealership presence coupled with the Fiat marque.

Fiat-Chrysler are currently building a dealership network in North America to begin selling Fiat models this year. The 500 will be the first Fiat to be sold in North America since the brand announced a return to the market. The automaker group hopes to have 130 Fiat dealers ready for business by the fall.

But production of the 4C will be fairly limited. According to Automotive News sources, Alfa Romeo plans to build up to just 20,000 units of the 4C over a five year period. Another 5,000 to 10,000 units of a 4C roadster will be made under the Abarth sport sub-brand.

The 4C will be priced to sell in Europe, though, at €45,000 ($62,000).

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