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Our thanks go out to Enno Reddies of independent Audi site for this tip.

It appears that Audi may be preparing a more powerful variant of the TT RS.

According to an internal Audi document, which was able to obtain, Audi is planning on a TT RS Plus variant to add to the TT range.

The document in question is the parts catalog, Ersatz Teile Katalog Audi (ETKA), a screenshot of which is included here. The catalog shows a variant called the Audi TT RS Plus Coupe Quattro 2,5 featuring 265 kW / 360 PS instead of the 250 kW / 340 PS of the standard TT RS Coupe Quattro.

But does a 20 PS (20 bhp) bump in power really mean that much? Well, according to, it may be that Audi will also shed some weight from the TT RS through the use of carbon fiber parts just as it did with the R8 GT. The combination of extra power and weight-reduction would make for a marked improvement in performance.

According to the document, the new TT RS Plus model is scheduled for introduction in May. So we await the good news.

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