Jaguar exec says the B99 concept "just not for us." The British marque says it is looking to bring a small sedan to market by 2013/2014 but has not yet settled on a design.

Sometimes there's just no way to decline an offer politely.

Jaguar has done just that, saying, 'No, thank you,' to Bertone for its B99 Concept which was meant to be a new Jaguar model.

Here's the full quote from Jaguar exec Adrian Hallmark, who is global brand director for the storied British car maker:

"I saw it for the first time yesterday. It is not our concept. We appreciate the fact that Jaguar is interesting enough for people to do a concept around. It's not that we are offended by it, or against it -- it is just not for us."

He said that to Automotive News right at the Geneva show. Ouch!

This kind of speculative design is not unusual in the automotive industry. But for an established player such as Bertone, with a long and successful history in the coach-making business, the design-house can't afford to have too many misses lest it impact its special place in the auto design sector.

Hallmark did say that Jaguar is looking for a small sedan to bring to market by 2013 or 2014 but that it has not yet settled on a design.

"We want to access these new segments. We have concepts all over the place. A lot of work has been done," said Hallmark.

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