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It finally seems fans of Audi performance in the U.S. are getting a major win from Ingolstadt. Car and Driver reports a hot new RS version of Audi’s recently unveiled second-generation Q3 SUV is in the works, or at least, someone at Audi is hinting such a machine is in development, according to the magazine. The report also says the RS model will make it across the pond this time, where buyers simply can’t stop buying SUVs, crossovers, and pretty much anything that’s not a sedan.

Now that the good news is out there, what can people expect from an amped-up Q3? Car and Driver’s report says the inline-five from the TT RS will return, and since that engine now makes 400 horsepower (298 kilowatts) there’s every reason to think the RS Q3 will offer at least that much, if not more. The reasoning is sound, and of course that power will get to all four wheels through a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Toss in some upgraded brakes, suspension, and a few aggressive aero tweaks not unlike our RS Q3 rendering up top, and you have a seriously capable people mover that looks as good – if not better – than everything else in its class. This sure seems like a no-brainer for Audi, at least from our perspective.

We’re still getting to know the new Q3. It launched barely two weeks ago, revealing a sleeker profile with all of Audi’s latest design trends plugged in up front. It’s a bit longer with a slightly stretched wheelbase, which opens up more room inside for occupants. It’s also crammed full of tech that ranges from Apple CarPlay to a suite of the latest safety systems. And Audi’s Virtual Cockpit is also an option we suspect many people will check.

The standard Q3 will go on sale in Europe starting in November, with U.S. sales following shortly in 2019. That likely means we won’t see the RS model until well into next year at the earliest. Still, it sounds like we’ll at least see it this time without a trip over the Atlantic. Its arrival will be a good day, indeed.

Source: Car and Driver

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