The ultimate Ferrari book arrives in October, and it only costs $30,000. That's right, for the price of a well-equipped Toyota Camry or a driver-quality Ferrari Mondial you can have access to over 514 pages of seldom-seen photos and info straight from the Prancing Horse's archives. While the price is certainly steep, the tome comes in a case that looks like a set of V12 valve covers and sits on a pedestal of hand-bent chromed steel that evokes the bundled exhaust headers from one of the firm's 1960s race cars.

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The book and its stand combine to create an eye-catching piece, and the publisher only intends to make 250 of them. To make this rare edition even more special, each one bears the signature of Ferrari chairman John Elkann, Enzo's son Piero Ferrari, and the recently deceased company boss Sergio Marchionne. Like the cabin of one of the automaker's grand tourers, hand-stitched leather covers the tome's exterior. Opening the book reveals previously unseen photos and documents that chronicle the Prancing Horse's history and legacy. 

If $30,000 is too rich for your blood, there's also a version of the book that still comes with the valve-cover-inspired case but without the pedestal, and it goes for $6,000. Limited to 1,697 examples, this version comes only with Piero Ferrari's signature but has all the same content inside.

There's a cottage industry of making these gargantuan, high-priced books about automakers, especially Ferrari. A few years ago, the 852-page Official Ferrari Opus arrived with a price tag of $275,000 for the most expensive edition that came with 30 diamonds adorning the Prancing Horse logo. Even a lesser version was $37,500.

Bentley also recently teased a 66-pound volume to chronicle brand's century of history with lots of glossy photos. It'll arrive in three editions in 2019, but the company won't disclose the price for them yet. The figure will likely be exorbitant, though. 

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