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Everything is hand built. No two cars are the same. No other car features the same level of attention. I bet you’ve already guessed what I’m talking about. Drum roll please: it’s called the Rolls-Royce Phantom and is arguably the single most opulent vehicle in the world. With just hundreds of them made every model year, only a few lucky people actually own one and it’s a real miracle to find an affordable used Phantom for sale on the second-hand market. But what if you find one for far below $100,000?

Did we say good condition?:

The brave guy from YouTube’s Hoovies Garage channel has discovered a 2005 Phantom for $80,000 and is now showing us his new toy in a 17-minute video. It looks decent for a 13-years old car and is in relatively good overall condition.

Why relatively? As a pioneering high-end product, the Phantom has some weak points, mainly related to the electronics. For example, when the car is started, sometimes, it gives an error for the adaptive air suspension. Also, the satellite navigation is not really working all the times, but that’s not that bad.

What really matters here is the 12-cylinder 6.75-liter engine under the hood. It’s a naturally aspirated motor, which – fortunately – still works and sounds great. All the features on-board also seem to be working fine, including all the hiding physical buttons and even the power rear doors.

Here comes the question about the reasonableness of this purchase. Spending $80,000 on a Rolls is like wasting all your savings on an elephant – it’s (almost) purple, (almost) useless, and will cost you hundreds just to own it every week. But hey – there’s no way this car will lose value, and the investment will eventually pay out.

New Phantom revealed and tested:

As a final note, we just want to ask something. Where the hell are the umbrellas in the rear doors? Isn’t that the whole point of a Rolls-Royce...

Source: Hoovies Garage on YouTube

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