The automaker's dispassion for weight savings extends beyond cars.

Coffee table books are a dime-a-dozen. Head to your local Big-Box Bookstore, and you’ll find various automotive books you don’t really need slapped with a red discount sticker. Do you need “The History of Automotive Paint Colors: Ford Model B”? No, you don’t, but the $4.99 price tag is alluring. Who knows what knowledgable wonders lie within? But there is a new coffee table book coming that’ll put all other to shame. To help celebrate its 100th anniversary, Bentley is releasing a monstrous 66-pound (30-kilogram) book. 

Called “Bentley Centenary Opus,” the book features pages up to 1.5 square feet (half a meter square) with some special gatefold pages measuring six feet (two meters) across. The book will have three distinct versions: “Mulliner,” “Centenary,” and “Crewe.” Two will be limited editions presented in the largest print format. The “Crewe” edition will come in a more accessible size. 

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Bentley gave the book publisher, Opus, “unprecedented” access to its executives, engineers, and designers who will define the company moving forward. The book will also feature key moments from the company’s history, including its Le Mans victories of the 1920s, iconic models, and the people who built the brand’s legendary past. 

“The Opus book is far more than simply a historical record – it is also a celebration of the future of Bentley,” the automaker said in the announcement of the book. 

And there’s no better way to celebrate such a history of stunning luxury and performance than an equally breathtaking coffee table book. Pricing information isn’t available; however, if it's like other Bentley products, expect to pay top dollar. Also, make sure you have the right coffee table to handle all 66 pounds. The last thing you want is a fancy book laying on top of a crushed coffee table. That’d be embarrassing. All three editions will be delivered in 2019. 

Source: Bentley

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 Bentley is celebrating entering its 100th year by collaborating with specialist book publishers, Opus, to create a limited-edition book that will delight all lovers of the brand.

While Bentley’s glorious Le Mans victories of the 1920s, iconic models of the past and the extraordinary people who created them are celebrated in full, the Opus book is far more than simply a historical record – it is also a celebration of the future of Bentley.

The publishers were given unprecedented access to Bentley’s designers, engineers and executives who will be defining the future of automotive luxury, as the marque enters its second century.

The Bentley Centenary Opus will weigh a substantial 30 kilograms and feature pages of up to half a metre square to do justice to the never-seen-before imagery, with special gatefold pages measuring two metres across.

The Bentley Centenary Opus will be available in three special distinct versions: the ‘Mulliner’ and ‘Centenary’ limited editions will be presented in the largest print format, while the ‘Crewe’ edition will be offered in a more accessible size. All three editions will be delivered in early 2019.