Check out the latest series of pics featuring the De Tomaso SLS, potentially the first new De Tomaso model in 11 years. The story inside.

Italian automaker De Tomaso has officially unveiled their latest concept, the De Tomaso Deauville. Previously referred to as the SLS, Deauville resurrects a old De Tomaso moniker form the 1970s.  If produced, the car would be the first new model released by the firm since the 2000 De Tomaso Bigua, later taken over by Qvale and renamed it the Mangusta.

De Tomaso has not produced a single new vehicle unit since shortly after it entered liquidation in 2004.

The Deauville could enter production later this year.  Customers would be able to choose between 550-horsepower (410-kW / 558-PS) V8 and 300-horsepower (224-kW / 304-PS) 2.8-liter turbo V6 engines.  The automaker says they would be able to produce 3,000 units annually, each with all-wheel drive. 0-100 km/h would arrive in a respectable 6.7 seconds.

Another sedan and a coupe could also enter production in time.  Each of the three models would be assembled with the Univis aluminum construction technology at the automaker's Italian factories in Grugliasco and Livorno.

Former Fiat CEO Gianmario Rossignolo bought the brand in 2009 during its 50 year anniversary.  The brand was created by former F1 driver Alejandro de Tomaso, who passed away in 2003 at the age of 74.

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