Bertone has unveiled the Jaguar B99 concept at the Geneva Motor Show. It features a sexy aluminum body and a luxurious interior.

Bertone has unveiled the Jaguar B99 concept at the Geneva Motor Show.

Looking like a cross between the Ford Interceptor concept and previous-generation XJ, the aluminum-bodied B99 measures 4.5m long, 1.95m wide, and 1.35m tall. Up front, the concept has an aggressive front fascia, a bold grille, and the iconic "leaper" hood ornament. Further back, there's a gun-slit greenhouse, "suicide" rear doors, and tastefully restrained chrome accents. In the rear, the car echoes the front-end with a gloss black "grille" and taillights that mimic the headlights. 

Inside, the cabin is minimalist but elegant as there's premium leather upholstery, aluminum accents, and wood trim. Furthermore, the interior is outffited a full-length center console, rear tray tables, and a high-tech instrument cluster.

In a nod to the green-movement, the B99 is a range-extended electric vehicle. Motivation is provided by a lithium-ion battery which sends power to two electric motors that produce a combined 578 PS (425 kW / 570 hp). When the battery is sufficiently drained, a thermal engine acts as a generator to recharge it. This enables the concept to travel 100 km (62 miles) on electricity alone and up to 700 km (435 miles) with thermal engine activated.

Besides the luxury-oriented B99, Bertone also introduced a GT2 racing version dubbed the B99 GT. It features a wider body, a reduced ride height, and 19-inch lightweight wheels with Pirelli PZero race tires. Furthermore, the GT has a massive rear spoiler, a race-spec interior, and a revised powertrain that uses four electric motors for a maximum output of 986 PS (725 kW / 972 hp).

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