Check out the latest pics and details of the new Nissan electric sports car concept, the ESFLOW, inside.

Nissan unveiled the all-electric sports car concept, the Nissan ESFLOW, to the media at the Geneva Motor Show today.  The car reportedly uses two 80-kW (107-hp / 109-PS) motors to propel the machine to 100 km/h in under five seconds.

Lithium-ion batteries, which power the car for 240 km (149 miles), are placed in the center just ahead of the rear axle.  Combined with the long hood and rakish windshield, the car has balanced weight distribution and a low center of gravity.  Composite body paneling helps keep weight manageable on the car, a difficult task when taking the excess weight of EV parts into consideration.

The interior is created in a three-tone scheme combining dark leather, gold leather, and carbon fiber pieces.  Interior weight is kept down through the use of a less cumbersome roll cage.  This was possible from a safety standpoint because fixed seats were pressed up against the rear of the car, with the steering wheel and pedals adjustable for comfort, though reaching the LCD screens could be a challenge.

Resembling the 370Z, but with more futuristic lighting and excess sculpting, the new Nissan ESFLOW concept will remain on display throughout the Geneva Show.