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We’ve seen the next Range Rover Evoque quite a lot in recent months, mostly from the Nürburgring where it hasn’t had a relaxing visit to say the least. This time around, however, we caught the smallish SUV taking a leisurely drive down a city street. Or rather, it’s going up a city street since it’s clear the prototype is tackling quite a hill. If our dead reckoning is accurate we’d say that city street is in Stuttgart. Also, the SUV passes a sign that says Stuttgart. We have a gift for the obvious.

That brings us to this particular test vehicle, which seems a bit worse for wear. Actually, compared to the other Evoque prototypes we’ve seen this one appears quite rough around the edges. We don’t know if there was some kind of collision up front or if this is just a very early tester designed to provide easy access to components behind the fascia. Considering the abundance of black tape on the left side and the way the camo wrap is peeling at the bottom, we’d say this SUV had a chance encounter with something it wasn’t supposed to.

2019 Range Rover Evoque spy video screenshot
2019 Range Rover Evoque spy video screenshot

Similarly, it looks like something punched a hole in the rear fascia, but again, there appears to be something in there that could require quick access. In this instance, it looks like the covering was intentionally cut but it certainly doesn’t make for a pretty prototype. We do get a slightly better look at the taillights on this one, though details are still well obscured. As for the front, with half the fascia apparently missing we can’t really gauge any new styling tweaks there, either.

The next-generation Evoque will stick with the current platform, and we know the overall shape will be very familiar. The devil lies in the details with this SUV, and we’re expecting the big changes to come with a wider stance and longer wheelbase, thus creating more passenger space inside.

Despite the apparent back-tracking with this janky prototype, we still expect to see the new Evoque unwrapped next year as a 2020 model.

Source: WalkoArt via YouTube

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