These Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Bentley electric racers look beautiful.

Six manufacturers currently have a home in Formula E: Audi, Jaguar, Renault, DS, Mahindra, and the Chinese company that once held the Nürburgring fast-lap record, Nio. But with the success of the racing series thus far, expect that number to grow. Artist Aksyonov Nikita has imagined a Formula E future with even more manufacturers joining the grid.

Six new contenders have been imagined, from Alfa Romeo to McLaren. Each of these images purport a fantastic near-future in which some of the most prestigious supercar makers have a vehicle in Formula E. Some of the concepts draw cues from previous racers, while others look to their supercars as inspiration. Whatever the case, they look amazing.

Source:  Aksyonov Nikita / Behance

Look to the future with these lists:

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