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Earlier this month, BMW teased us with a short video featuring the M2 Competition trying to break some kind of a record. Now, two weeks later, we have the full scene and it’s… weird, to say the least.

If you are still wondering what the performance hatch is doing with this laser on the radiator grille, here’s the reason – it is breaking a record for popping balloons, previously held by a human. The Bavarian vehicle had to kill 63 balloons or more in just 60 seconds to beat it.

Easy-peasy. The record is now broken with 79 balloons in just a minute – what an impressive achievement for a 405-horsepower (302-kilowatt) hot hatch!

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Jokes aside, the stunt that you can watch in the video at the top is here to show us once more how agile and flexible the M2 Competition is. Despite its relatively high weight of 3,600 pounds (1,632 kilograms) with the manual and 3,655 lbs (1,658 kg) with the automatic, the car remains ultra-fast in corners mainly thanks to its M4-sourced biturbo inline-six engine.

The record is performed in what appears to be an old warehouse, located close to Bedford in the United Kingdom. It’s owned by Cardington Studios and is “one of the largest and most impressive interior film and TV production spaces in Europe.”

The M2 Competition is already on sale in the United States with prices starting at $58,900, but if you tick all the boxes in the configurator you will see the sum jumping up to $67,120. For that price, you’ll get a performance hatchback equipped with the optional M Driver’s Package, seven-speed dual-clutch auto, and Executive Package.

In January this year, BMW put another interesting record on its name. The automaker managed to drift for 232.5 miles (374.17 kilometers) without a stop with an M5 that had to be refueled five times to make the drift happen.

Source: BMW M on YouTube

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