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Introduced as a concept at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, the Regera (Swedish for “to Reign”) made its debut in production guise a year later at the same event in Switzerland. Fast forward to July 2018, two Koenigsegg employees have been seen at a gas station in Ängelholm in Sweden with a development car featuring an unpainted body looking mighty impressive in this naked carbon fiber guise.

You can easily tell this is a work-in-progress vehicle not just by the lack of paint, but also because of the provisional exhaust system with two pipes on each side of the incomplete rear bumper whereas the road-going model has a large central exhaust. The video provides us with a good opportunity to see the electrically operated dihedral doors, as well as the massive one-piece rear deck lid, also operated electrically.

The sound provided by the intricate hybrid powertrain is something we rarely get to hear, and it will remain that way taking into account Koenigsegg will be making just 80 Regeras. Now that production of the Agera RS has ended, the hypercar marque has shifted focus towards putting together the Regera, which has been engineered for right-hand-drive markets such as Australia as well.

More about the Regera

The sinister look of this particular prototype reminds us of those in-house Regera liveries presented by various Koenigsegg employees last year. The company’s Facility Manager, Chrille, presented his vision of a bare Regera with a clear carbon body, looking very much like this development car, though it had the final rear bumper this test vehicle is lacking. It also boasted the massive titanium exhaust co-developed with Akrapovic of the final production car where it’s flanked by the massive vertical fins of the rear bumper.

Let’s keep in mind the Regera has what Koenigsegg calls the “world’s first foldable, active, top-mounted rear wing,” but it’s not visible in this video since it remains hidden during low speeds to make the vehicle look sleeker (mission accomplished.) It’s made from carbon fiber and generates most of the downforce thanks to its underside.

It will be interesting to see whether the Regera will attempt to go after the Agera RS’ speed records considering it’s one of the very few vehicles in the world that can get close (and maybe even surpass) those incredible numbers achieved back in November 2017 in Nevada.

Video: theofficespotter / Instagram

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