After unveiling a retrolicious dual sunroof for the Chiron earlier in the week, Bugatti is back to remind us it’s planning an exciting premiere for next month’s The Quail – A Motorsports Gathering in California. Originally teased on July 10 when we found out the car won’t bear the “Chiron” moniker at all, the new Divo (named after French racing driver Albert Divo) is back to in a teaser video that has a rather sinister soundtrack.

Officially revealed

While the attached clip isn’t what you’d call even remotely revealing, it does allow us to get an idea of the hypercar’s rear end. It’s set to feature an entirely different taillight arrangement compared to the full-width strip of the Chiron by adopting separate clusters featuring dozens of LEDs (or are those OLEDs?) that won’t be meeting in the middle. It appears the taillights are angled by moving upwards towards the top corners of the rear bumper.

The attached video posted by Bugatti on its media channels includes the hashtag #builtforcorners, which corroborated with the promise of a lightweight vehicle with great handling, means the Divo should be more agile than the “normal” Chiron / Chiron Sport. The high-end marque from Molsheim has also said its next gem is going to be “nimble and will boast enormous downforce and g-forces” while featuring a design reminiscent of the company’s coachbuilding days.

That’s all Bugatti is willing to show for the time being but expect more teasers to emerge between now and the Divo’s highly anticipated debut on August 24. As a refresher, only 40 cars are ever going to be made and each will carry an eye-watering starting price of €5 million ($5.8M at current exchange rates). It’s unclear whether these vehicles will be part of the Chiron’s 500-car production run or Bugatti will consider the Divo as a separate model.

Source: Bugatti

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