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A pair of rare Bugatti Veyrons has been listed for sale by London-based supercar dealer H.R. Owen.

Okay, so you're probably thinking "aren't all Veyrons rare?" And you'd be right. But somehow these two are extra special.

The first is a 2015 Grand Sport Vitesse edition (above), which was the open-top version of the world-beating Grand Sport model. The car is one of very few in the world to boast a two-tone carbon exterior in blue and black; it also features a fully upholstered interior in contrasting tangerine and black. The price of such exclusivity? £2,750,000 ($3.6M). But it does come with only 2,200 miles (3,540 kilometers) on the clock.

The latest from Bugatti:

The second car has been used even less, with just 590 miles (950 km) from new on its odometer. It's a 2013 Grand Sport configured in full white with beluga black hide upholstery and is one of only 58 Grand Sport models ever produced. The price for that one hasn't been disclosed, and it's not difficult to see why.

Two Rare Bugatti Veyrons Come Up For Sale

"The Bugatti Veyron is an absolute marvel of design and engineering, hand-crafted to achieve speeds that had never before been thought possible for a road car," said H.R. Owen CEO, Ken Choo. "As time has gone on, these cars have become even more desirable – buyers recognize that the Veyron came to define its era and it’ll forever hold a place in history as the fastest car of its day. It’s a trend we fully expect to see with the Bugatti Chiron, too, especially as purely combustion-engined-powered models become rarer and rarer."

H.R. Owen is the U.K.'s only official Bugatti retailer, and as such is able to offer both cars with a full annual service and 12-month Bugatti factory warranty, as well as a factory-approved pre-delivery inspection.

Source: H.R. Owen

Gallery: Two Rare Bugatti Veyrons Come Up For Sale

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