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If there’s something that Porsche is best at, it’s the overall design and artistry that go down to the minutest detail. Michael Mauer, the German carmaker’s Chief Designer, explains the important design elements of the upcoming Mission E Cross Turismo, including what essentially is a preparation to autonomous technology in the electric crossover.

He started off his description with the Mission E Cross Turismo’s light design. He’s decisive in saying that electric Porsches, which includes the crossover’s smaller brother Taycan, have different light design than the rest of the marque’s lineup, while keeping the identity as a Porsche.

The highly-recognizable four-point light design was the key takeaway, as well as the headlamps around the air intakes. The logo at the tailgate was also illuminated for distinction – much like how Toyota and Lexus do it with their hybrid and electric models.

Another thing to look at are the color distinction. The Mission E Cross Turismo sports Thunderstorm Blue rims, which is way different from the Acid Green color of the hybrid models. It’s also outlined by a protective strip, also in blue, while customization is welcome such as carbon fiber construction. Per the chief designer, the rims will also be “extremely strong but appear exquisitely light.”

Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo
Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo

Mauer is well-aware of the Mission E Cross Turismo’s similarity to other Porsches, particularly in form and silhouette of the Panamera Sport Turismo and Taycan, with a dash of Macan. The difference? The higher roofline as a result of the battery placed under the passengers. Still, width and height proportions came into play, typical of a sports car.

Last, but definitely not the least, Mauer was specific with the two light recesses at the Mission E Cross Turismo’s hood. He mentions that it is for additional headlights that are similar to Porsche rally vehicles. However, he also said that these can be imagined as where the sensors for autonomous driving could be found.

So, there. Although it’s not yet confirmed, driverless technology could be part of the Mission E Cross Turismo in the future. We’re not surprised, though, as autonomous driving is the way to go for e-mobility. The Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo is expected to hit the market by 2021. Until then, Mauer’s hint would remain a tasteful tease.

Source: Porsche

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