Loads of details and information about two new VW small car concepts from Italdesign Giugiaro, inside.

Designers at famed firm Italdesign Giugiaro have unveiled their two new concepts for Volkswagen.  The VW Tex and the VW Go! are both efficient small cars, less than four meters long, and born out of the design firms' research into the potential future of VW.

The Go! is a roomy, but tiny MPV that shares the same 2700mm wheelbase of the Passat.  At 3990mm-long, the Go! is a Blue E-motion model that can travel on all-electric power for about 240 km (149 miles).  Its battery pack is split between front and rear seating, leading to a 59/41 weight distribution.

"Go! is an MPV that continues that subject owing to its improved ergonomics and passenger room while keeping the smaller exterior size that has distinguished a large part of my career," said the firm's chief Giorgetto Giugiaro in a press release.

No specifications about the car's motor and battery were revealed.

More detailed information was revealed about the sportier looking VW Tex, which uses a Twin Drive hybrid plug-in built by Volkswagen.  It combines a 1.4-liter turbocharged engine that works in tandem with an 85-kW (114-hp / 116-PS).  The Tex features all-electric capabilities allowing it to travel 35 kilometers without using conventional fuel.

Combined, the system delivers up to 400 Nm (295 ft-lb) of torque.  With a seven-speed Direct Shift transmission, the driver can get the car from 0-100 km/h in a bit over six seconds.  Top speed on the model is 220 km/h (137 mph).

Shared features on the car include loads of glass surfaces, to maximize visibility and passenger enjoyment, as well as an A-Pillar that has been moved forward.  Seats have been raised up for increased cabin comfort, while electronic tailgates are used to make loading and unloading more appealing.  LED lighting and Xenon headlamps have also been used.

Both the Go! and Tex were designed under the concept "solutions for the urban mobility of tomorrow."  The task was assigned by VW to the design firm, part of the Volkswagen Group since mid 2010.  As part of the plan, the design house created the two vehicles using a modular transverse architecture, or Modularer Over-Baukasten (MQB) in German.  Vehicles using the MQB will be launched in 2012, with future adoption of plug-in, hybrid, LPC, CNG, and hydrogen fuel cell planned alongside petrol and diesel.

If built, the Volkswagen Go! and Volkswagen Tex would be released around 2018.  You can read much, much more about both vehicles in the press release below.

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