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The testing never ends over at Mercedes-AMG. The difference this time around is that we’re looking at a camo-wrapped car we’ve already seen. In fact, the whole world already knows this is a Mercedes-AMG GT R. Even with the swirly wrap we can easily identify the front fascia, the Panamericana grille, the side vents, the crazy long quad exhaust pipes sticking out all janky from the rear splitter. Wait, what?

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No doubt this is an AMG GT R, but something else is clearly going on here because that’s obviously not a stock exhaust setup. Perhaps we’re not looking at exhaust at all, but some kind of James Bond rear-firing autocannons? Yes, that’s silly – Bond drives an Aston Martin. Maybe Mercedes already has a minor facelift in the works for next year’s model? That seems quite unlikely considering the GT R is still a relative fresh face in the segment.

Mercedes-AMG GT R test mule
Mercedes-AMG GT R test mule

In the end, our only clue to this tester’s identity is, well, in the end. That quad exhaust setup jutting from the back certainly isn’t production-spec, but it could be the only clue we need. For some time we’ve heard rumors about an amped-up GT R that could be called Clubsport. We even caught a car testing at the Nürburgring back in early April, and this could be it. Those rumors say the tweaked model will shed some weight and see power climb above 600 horsepower (447 kW). If you want to exercise experimental engine upgrades without cooking the bodywork, pushing the exhaust pipes out away from the rear fascia would certainly help. There’s also the possibility that we’re seeing a prototype for the GT R Black Series. That’s not expected to arrive until 2020, but the broader camo wrap could be hiding minor styling changes or graphics that come with the Black Series package.

Or, this could simply be an older GT R test mule on which the wrap was never fully removed, testing some various engine and powertrain components. Any way you slice it, this sighting has certainly left us with more questions than answers.

Source: walkoART via YouTube

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