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Looking to put your kid behind the wheel, but he or she is still too tiny to reach the pedals?  The Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit could be the answer when it goes on sale September 14 for $69.99.

Labo is Nintendo's odd product line that lies somewhere between a craft project and a traditional video game. Each kit comes with sheets of cardboard that buyers fold together and a game for the Switch console. Additional items like grommets, string, and rubber bands let builders attach the cardboard together or rig ways to make the sections move. When the assembly is done, insert the Switch's Joy-Con into a slot on the completed kit and boot up the game. 

The Vehicle Kit comes with quite a few projects to put together. The steering wheel even includes a cardboard surround for the Joy-Con that makes it look like a key. A pull string activates a speed boost, too. 

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There's also a pedal to assemble that acts as an accelerator. Oddly, only one of these comes with the kit, so it's not clear how you slow down.

The actual game appears to give players quite a bit to do, too. Nintendo's promo video shows off racing, fighting, playing golf, and driving around an open world. Players can also customize their buggy's look. 

The Vehicle Kit is about more than driving, though. If players get tired of the buggy, pull out the Joy-Con, and insert it into the cardboard joystick portion of the set. The vehicle then transforms onscreen from a car into a plane. In that mode, folks can shoot balloons and do acrobatics. If that gets boring then a submarine portion of the kit opens up an underwater area in the open world. 

At least in the car mode, there's also a two-player mode where one person drives the buggy and someone else controls a turret on the roof for shooting stuff.

The promo video above only provides a taste of the experience. It's not a hardcore simulation like Gran Turismo or Forza, but that's also not the point. The Vehicle Kit looks like a fun, simple way for kids to get behind the wheel of an off-road buggy (or fly a plane or pilot a submarine).

Source: Nintendo, Nintendo via YouTube Via Tiny Cartridge

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