Czech brand unveils new badge and previews its changing design language with the Skoda Design Concept.

Skoda's got a brand new badge.

The Czech automaker, part of of the VW Group, has unveiled its new company logo along with the Skoda VisionD Concept and new corporate design revealed on the eve of the Geneva auto show, a concept model which previews the brand's new design paradigm.

The new Skoda logo features a more prominent winged-arrow design with its color now a lush "Skoda Green" instead of the previous "natural" green. The border area of the badge also now comes with a chrome highlight.

The Skoda VisionD Concept and new corporate design revealed is meant to preview where Skoda wants to go both with its design language and what types of vehicles it wants to build. The concept features a long wheelbase and short overhangs, clearly aiming for practicality and generous cabin space. But the new design cues of the VisionD Concept and new corporate design revealed also provide for a sleeker looking car, with the radiator grille, the economical, square horizontal lines and shoulders, meant to appeal stylistically to consumers and make the brand competitive with the likes of, say, Ford's kinetic design language too in the volume brand segments.

"We are keen to express the new power of our brand not only through our future products, but also in the way we present ourselves to partners and customers. Our new design and fresh outlook reflect our plans for the future," said Jürgen Stackmann, head of marketing and sales at Skoda, the press release attached here.

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