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The Ford B-MAX, set for a press reveal in Geneva tomorrow, is being promoted by the automaker for its "unique new body design" that does away with the B-pillar to make getting in and out much easier.  This small car features dual sliding doors, a nice item for those who need regular access to the rear seats.

In fact, when the front and rear doors are open, it creates a gap that is 1.5 meters wide.  The front passenger seat and rear seats fold flat to make it easier to transport all sorts of cargo, even items that are 2.35 meters long.  The car's overall length is just over four meters, making it more than 30 cm shorter than the C-MAX, but 11 cm longer than the five-door Fiesta.

The interior should also feel spacious once passengers are inside, thanks to the panoramic glass roof.  A six-inch touch panel display is included to provide more control over the vehicle.

"With the B-MAX we set out to create a vehicle that captures the spirit of a smaller S-MAX," said Ford Europe executive design director Martin Smith in a press release.  "We wanted to show that a small car could be very spacious and practical inside, while still having the sleek, dynamic appearance that has made the S-MAX so popular."

Designers tried to accentuate this relationship with a similar rear end that has slimming tail lighting elements split by the tailgate.  Likewise, it has a wide rear window pane that wraps slightly around the C-Pillar.

For this model, Ford is making available a new 1.0-liter three-cylinder turbocharged EcoBoost engine that includes direct fuel injuection, twin independent variable cam timing and start/stop.  Ford claims the engine delivers high fuel efficiency, and low carbon emissions, but specifics were not provided.

"We believe that the new concepts and technologies [the Ford B-MAX] showcases will have a major impact on the small car market," said Stephen Odell, Ford of Europe's CEO and Chairman.  Only time will tell if the market will respond positively.

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