Video footage shows a 2010 Camaro on 30-inch wheels roaming the roads somewhere in the U.S.

He calls himself the Underground Rim King and this is his beastial creation of American muscle-car excess.

This automotive Frankenstein provides us with a laugh and a break from all the anticipation of tomorrow's big day in Geneva. And this is one car you definitely won't be seeing on the floor there. European tuners do have their standards of tasteful limits.

30-inch rims on this 2010 Camaro makes it look a little like a BMW X6. But somehow, that is insulting to the X6.

We are under the impression that someone actually paid to have this done to their car. Which begs so many questions.

Does the speedometer show a slower speed than it is actually going?

Where did they get those tires?

And, hey, what's the mileage on this thing?