This crazy looking two-wheeler is, not surprisingly, built by German tuning firm Mansory. Pics and details inside.

German tuning firm Mansory has lifted the lid off their new two-wheeler. The Mansory Zapico was designed by the famed tuner, alongside motorcycle specialist Thomas M. George, and it shows in every way.

Tell-tale Mansory signs include the shiny carbon inserts seen quite literally from wheel-to-wheel, the unusual side mirrors and the luxe leather seat.  The bike's fuel tank, rear fender and spoiler are also adorned in aluminum.

Did we mention this bike is fast, too?

The bike sprints to 100 km/h in 3.3 seconds, thanks to the 160-PS (158-hp / 118-kW), 2.0-liter V2 engine. American machinery firm S&S supplied the engine. Rims measure 3.5 x 18-inch up front, and 10 x 18-inch in the rear. They are wrapped in 130/60/18" and 280/35/18" tires, respectively.

You can find out more about the Mansory Zapico in the press release below.

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