New concept take holistic approach to devising a new mobility scheme for zero emissions driving.

Here's an automaker that has coupled together the concept of car sharing with the frugal mobility provided by an electric vehicle.

This EDAG Light Car Sharing concept is a follow up to the Light Car concept EDAG brought to the Geneva auto show two years ago.

The Light Car Sharing comes with a GPS-guided system that allows a more sophisticated and efficient operation of a car sharing service, with the provider able to track the locations of its vehicles and coordinate their scheduling.

Despite its boxy, although, flashy exterior look (body panels with lighting, see the photos), the LCS has the very practical features of two sliding doors with sliding windows and can seat up to six passengers while sporting rear entry door too. It is also built with the use of modular components (for everything from the seats to the body panels to the batteries) which can be easily replaced after the usual wear and tear. Those body panels are made of fiber composites and lightweight plastics to keep the vehicle light and agile.

Details are vague, though, when it comes to propulsion. Powering the EDAG Light Car Sharing vehicle is an axle-mounted electric drive system powered by lithium-ion batteries with a range of around 100 km (62 miles) and a top speed of 100 km/h (62 mph). That's less than the 150 km (94 miles) range on the concept car seen two years ago but perhaps reflecting a more realistic measurement.

More details should be made available once the concept makes its debut in Geneva next week.

EDAG Light Car Sharing concept revealed ahead of Geneva debut