Performance exhaust system is made of new heat-resistant material that reduces backpressure. Video reveals new sound of that sport exhaust.

BMW has announced a new M Performance exhaust system which will be available as an after-market accessory for the M3 range.

The new sport exhaust system is made of a new heat-resistant material called Inconel, a chrome-nickel alloy. The new system reduces back-pressure inside the exhaust resulting in a new sound which can be heard in many rpm incarnations in the video.

The material's properties allow for a reduction in tubing thickness down to 0.8 mm from 1.5 mm, lightening the exhaust system by about 40 percent or 20 lbs (9 kg).

The system shown in the vid also includes perforated inner pipes with exhaust tips in a polished titanium. You can even spot the laser-engraved M logo on those tips.

The new exhaust system doesn't come cheap, though, priced at $4,374 (€3,192) in the United States, not including installation.

If that's too much for you, you can settle for downloading the exhaust sound as a ringtone from