Next-generation 3-Series hybrid will share technology with the upcoming 5-Series Hybrid expected to debut soon.

These are some of the first spy pics of the upcoming 2012 BMW 3-Series hybrid.

Identifying this next-generation 3-Series prototype as a hybrid are the proper "Rescue" stickers on the doors and rear end. Other than that, it looks like a normal, although, heavily camouflaged, 2012 3-series model.

Not much is known about the hybrid drivetrain that will go into the next 3-Series except that most of the technology will be derived from the 5-Series hybrid which is also coming.

That 5-Series hybrid setup was previewed in the 5-Series ActiveHybrid Concept car that debuted in Geneva last year. That model featured a 3.0 liter straight-six twin-turbo petrol engine producing 306 PS (225 kW / 300 bhp) coupled with a 54 PS (40 kW / 54 bhp) electric motor and fitted with a ZF 8-speed automatic gearbox.