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If you have a passion for cars, the odds are very good that it started with a Matchbox car. Most people know basic Matchbox history – the company started pumping out miniature cars in the 1950s that were small enough to fit inside a box of matches, hence the name. You may not know, however, about the annual Matchbox convention that brings collectors together from around the world. The company makes the event extra special with limited-production show specials for attendees, and it’s also the perfect venue to preview the new diecast miniatures for the coming year. Based on what we’ve seen from mc_gathering on Instagram, 2019 will be a great year for fans of classic Japanese steel.


Matchbox showed up with 3D-printed prototypes, and among the requisite custom cars and classic American iron were three new Japanese offerings. The Nissan NV1500 doesn’t necessarily excite our automotive passion, but the tiny Subaru Sambar kei truck is always a pleasure to see. The Subaru SVX, however, is a car we’ll be clamoring to get as soon as that little gem hits store shelves. The quirky 1990s coupe doesn’t always get much love, and we think that’s a crime. Yes, the real-life SVX was quite expensive for its time; reliability wasn’t the best and it didn’t have the same brisk performance of its contemporary Japanese competition. Still, it wasn’t exactly slow, and would you just look at it.

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Matchbox also presented a video at the convention with more 2019 goodies. Mentioned in the clip is a Nissan Xterra, a custom Nissan Titan, and one of our favorite two-seaters of all time, a Honda S2000. Of course, we’re also happy to see non-Japanese offerings like the classic Porsche 930 and BMW 2002, and even in Matchbox format that 1970s Chevrolet Caprice is freaking huge. We’re a bit confused, though, as to why there’s a flatbed truck with a load of porta-pottys.

All in all, 2019 looks to be a great year for kids who love to play with Matchbox cars, and the adults who love to collect them.

Source:, mc_gathering via Instagram, The Lamley Group via YouTube

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