Opel promising an attractive 'lounge'-like interior for the Zafira Tourer Concept which will preview hints of the next-generation Zafira's new styling.

Opel has released several teaser images of the Zafira Tourer Concept which the automaker will debut at the Geneva auto show next month.

Details are few on the Zafira Tourer Concept and we don't even get a peek inside, which is where you will want to be, according to Opel.

As Opel/Vauxhall's VP in charge of design, Mark Adams, says in the press release:

"We've applied the lounge concept to a motor vehicle. A lounge is a place you want to escape to and relax, a place where you really want to be. We wanted to offer the same feeling in a monocab and make it the lounge you want to spend time in."

But the concept will preview the next-generation 2012 Opel Zafira which is expected to debut later in the year. The next Zafira will be larger than the current generation and will adopt a Flex-7 seat system where the last row seats can be folded into the floor individually in a single move. Opel is promising an improved interior which it is highlighting with this Zafira Tourer Concept.

Design-wise, the Zafira will have an Ampera-like front end and feature styling cues similar to the newer Astra and Insignia models.

Expected under the hood are several Opel power plants with power ratings ranging from 120 hp (89 kW / 122 PS) to 180 hp (134 kW / 183 PS) on the petrol side. Diesel power plants will offer output levels from 110 hp (82 kW / 112 PS) to 160 hp (119 kW / 162 PS).

The 2012 Opel Zafira production model is scheduled to debut at the 2011 Frankfurt motor show in the fall.

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