BMW releases video highlighting its roadster tradition. The automaker will be bringing a new roadster concept, possibly called the Z2, to Geneva next month.

BMW is undergoing a major shake-up at the entry-level end of its lineup and, well, it's getting kind of difficult to figure it all out.

But we will keep this one simple: BMW is bringing a baby roadster concept, possibly called the Z2, to the Geneva auto show, according to a new report.

In the story by, a BMW official confirmed the concept roadster would be headed to Geneva but other BMW sources say the model will remain a concept and that there are no plans for taking it to production.

BMW recently released this video highlighting its roadster tradition (viewable up top), which hints that it has a new lineup slot in mind for a model beneath the Z4.

But that may be further down the road since the concept headed to Geneva reportedly features the kind of excessive design that is not meant for production. According to, the car will come with overlapping exterior panels, power bulges at the rear and an exterior lighting system which can change the color of the car. It will also feature retractable doors, similar the Z1 roadster from the late 80s as seen in the video here.

VW is also developing a baby roadster, sharing a platform with a Porsche variant too, which will come below the Boxster in that brands model lineup.

BMW may want to beat them to market. But there's no evidence that they are that far along with a possible model.

The question is whether the new Z2 or baby roadster will come as a front-wheel drive as part of a new range of fuel-efficient, compact BMW models, or whether it will retain the rear-wheel drive tradition and be based on the current 1-Series architecture.

We will get more at Geneva.