M accessories package for the X1 will include new bumpers, wheel arches and a front-spoiler with a mesh-grilled vents. Other touches include M-badged door sills and a sport steering wheel.

Here's a set of spy shots of the BMW X1 spotted on the streets of Munich while sporting an M Sport Package.

The camouflage is still covering the front and rear bumpers and skirts as well as the side skirts of the sportier X1 variant. But you can compare them to the previously leaked images of the X1 M with the sport package accessories to see if there are any differences in the new bumpers, wheel arches and that front-spoiler with mesh-grilled vents.

This body kit would be a good fit with the recently announced 2.0 liter turbo 4-cylinder petrol/gasoline engine which will go into the X1 xDrive28i. That new power plant has an output of 245 PS/180 kW (242 bhp) and a torque rating of 350 Nm (258 lb-ft).

The M-Sport Package on the X1 will also include interior touches such as a sport steering wheel, M-badged door sills and an M-gear shifter.

BMW X1 M Sport Package spied