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Whether intentional or not, we're always amazed at how often auto manufacturers are the source of their own leaks. For the 2012 Volkswagen Tiguan facelift, this is exactly the case as a sharp-eyed WCF reader, who happen to be on the Volkswagen Germany site at the right moment, was perceptive enough to take a screenshot. The web page has since been removed, but thanks to Wolfgang S. (our tipster) we're able to still share it with you.

So what changes? Not much. Homoginized into current VW design paradigm, there's a restyled front bumper, updated grille, LED daytime running lights, which are integrated into the headlights, and new set of wheels. Under the hood, engine and transmission options are expected to carry over. Despite this, Volkswagen could make minor modifications to improve fuel efficiency and decrease emissions.  Out back the taillights have most likely been redesigned along with a rear bumper fascia. Interior upgrades are also very probable but we'll have to wait until details are officialy released.

With this leak we can only guess VW is preparing for its media release ahead of its public debut in Geneva next month.  Stay tuned.

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