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ETC Enterprises, an automotive research and development firm from Toronto, Canada has teamed up with General Motors to debut Top Tuner 5 and Top Tuner 5.5 at the 2011 Canadian International Auto Show in February. ETC has shown us their capabilities before with the 1400hp Camaro dragster.

Top Tuner 5 is a race-inspired Chevrolet Corvette, and Top Tuner 5.5 is a Chevrolet Cruze. The Corvette will be running a supercharged LSX 376 motor. No details on power output or performance specs yet, but it's hinted that the Cruze will have a turbo system and the Corvette will be fitted with Pirelli P-Zero Nero tires in a massive size of 375/20R-21.

The 2011 Canadian International Auto Show opens to the public on Feb 18. Included in the photo album are the original "monster" and production renderings plus a few shop progress pics.

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