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Two young men have teamed up with Nokia Asia and have turned a BMW 1-Series into one of the largest remote control cars around.

An Jiaxuan and his unnamed colleague have adapted a Nokia C7 Symbian powered smartphone to pilot the modified 1-Series loaded with the electronics necessary to make it a driver-less vehicle.

The pair had to first develop the software for the remote control system, which they coded, remarkably, in 20 days. Then a series of tests were conducted to make sure the controls would work properly. Finally, they set up the system in the 1-Series vehicle as seen in the video.

And the controls seem rather simple - a BMW steering wheel icon is rotated by touch-screen on the phone which steers the car and there are buttons in the interface for acceleration and braking. Nokia promises no trickery or special effects were used.

Crazy stuff but these two are rather ambitious. They want to do an airplane next.

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