The vehicles are based on the concept of "think of the impossible" and offers Lamborghini customers the ability to create their own "original", perfectly tailor-made super sports car.

Three fashion inspired Lamborghinis

What is better than a super sports car? How about your own original, tailored to your impacable wishes super sports car. To accomodate these customers Lamborghini will launch its Ad Personam personalisation program at the 2008 Detroit Motor Show.

In order to show what is possible ('Think of the Impossible' says Lamborghini), Lamborghini will bring a respesentative sample to the showfloor. Firstly, a matte brown (Marrone Apus) Gallardo Spyder with brown Alcantara interior (Marrone Gaia). Second and thirs in line are the matte light blue (Blue Cepheus) Murcielago LP640 Coupe and Roadster with natural, untreated Italian leather interior.

"Lamborghini is strongly focusing on the Ad Personam personalization program due to the importance of offering customers the widest range of possibilities for individualizing their cars. Many of our customers take advantage of this program as a tool for owning an even more exclusive Lamborghini.” said Stephan Winkelmann, president and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini.

In a few days we will be adding live photos of these immaculate cars, so stay tuned!