New ad, airing during NFL playoffs, is prelude to a new ad that will air during the Super Bowl on Sunday (February 6).

Audi has turned the lights out on the Mercedes-Benz S-Class in a new U.S.-market ad which serves the prelude to the brand's anticipated new Super Bowl ad that will air on Super Bowl Sunday (February 6).

The 'Goodnight' ad is currently airing on various cable channels in the United States (the ad is available in its entirety in the video above) and aired during the NFL playoffs on the FOX and CBS networks on Sunday January 16.

In the commercial Audi takes a not-so-subtle shot at the Mercedes-Benz S-Cass in putting to bed all emblems of "outdated" luxury. Audi claims its new flagship A8 represents "progressive luxury".

As Scott Keogh, chief marketing officer at Audi of America, puts it in the press release:

"Today's luxury consumer exists in a world where status is no longer solely defined by tradition, but increasingly by their entrepreneurial accomplishments. As a result, they are seeking out new and more evolved luxury symbols that make them stand out from the crowd." 

You can't fault Audi for trying to position itself as the new and cool up-and-comer in the premium segment. With sales less than half of those of BMW and Mercedes-Benz in the United States, it's certainly the best light in which to cast its having to play catch-up vis-a-vis those two more established brands.