BMW invited a few selected M-brand customers for a visit, and some track driving, to its remote testing facility in the south of France.

Here's a video from BMW TV that takes us into the Bavarian brand's heretofore super secret testing facility in Miramas in the south of France.

BMW uses this facility, its largest, for testing and access is available only to its own engineers. The location is not even accessible by public road.

But BMW saw fit to invite a few selected M customers, all of whom were very appreciative of the opportunity, to come in and do a few laps in their own vehicles or with the several M-powered cars on hand, including the M3 GTS and the M3 GT4, some of which were non-street legal and made for the track only.

They call it BMW's own Area 51. But there's nothing spooky going on here, just a lot of Fahrvergnügen - driving pleasure.