More details have emerged on the upcoming front-wheel drive model range that BMW intends on bringing to market in the next few years.

BMW blog has reported on an outline for 3 new front-drive models provided by trusted BMW source Scott27 (although the site does mention that they were not able to confirm the details with other sources).

The 3 new front-wheel drive BMWs will mark new segment entries for the Bavarian brand. They are described as a Compact, a Compactive Sport Gran Tourer and a Family Activity Sports Tourer.

The compact will be a hatch, as we've described in a previous report. The Compactive Sport Gran Tourer will be a small minivan while the Family Activity Sports Tourer will be a larger crossover-like vehicle for families - a cross between a mid-sized minivan and a BMW X-model with a higher seating position.

We don't get any details on what kind of dimensions these new models will come in or in which particular segments they will compete. Perhaps the small minivan will offer a premium alternative to the popular volume models such as the Ford C-Max and VW Touran. And that the larger crossover will offer something new in the mid-sized or full-sized MPV segments.

What is really unclear is where that new entry-level hatch fits in. Will the 1-Series grow (or become the 2-Series) to make room for an A3-competing front-drive hatchback or will the new model be smaller and go squarely up against the A1?

Lots of questions remain.

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