Design study Concept CS imagines a new Mitsubishi Colt updated to include the brand's current jet-fighter design language.

Here's a design study by Gabor Farkas called the Mitsubishi Concept CS.

Farkas imagines what a Mitsubishi Colt successor would look like and does an excellent job of rendering both a realistic and pleasant design as well as some high quality images and video published here.

The goal of the design was to "summon the spirit of the ancestors," according to Farkas. The car's design is a progression of the Colt CA (1992-1996) along with influences from the Mitsubishi C50 (1988-1992) updated to include Mitsubishi's current jet-fighter design paradigm.

The design study also takes us inside the Concept CS with an interior look similar to the Outlander Sport/ASX/RVR.

Compliments to Farkas and we thank him for this exclusive contribution.

Gallery: Artist's rendering - Mitsubishi Concept CS [video]