Zanasi is a "carrozzeria" that works with Ferrari and its clients including the restoration of classic Ferrari models.

Here's a video by Carrozzeria Zanasi, introducing the body work it does for Ferrari customers.

Carrozzeria Zanasi is located in Maranello, Italy, where Ferrari is headquartered, and is the Italian sports car maker's preferred body shop.

The history goes back to 1964 when Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari was looking for a shop to repair his cars. Enzo Ferrari enlisted the help of Umberto Zanasi who founded the body shop to do the special work required by Ferrari.

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The partnership continues to this day where Zanasi serves as an authorized "carrozzeria" on behalf of Ferrari clients. Its services also include restorations of old and classic Ferrari models.

In this video Carrozzeria Zanasi shows off their new factory building, showroom and carbon painting division as well as their custom finishes.