Artist James Rizzi will paint a beach scene onto the BamBoo concept electric car. The concept car will also feature a Rizzi bird whose color can be changed to suit the mood of the driver or its occupants.

Swiss specialty car marque Rinspeed will be bringing its latest concept car, the BamBoo, to the Geneva auto show in March with an added creative touch.

The electric-car will feature a decorative painting on its body by contemporary pop artist James Rizzi. The image will be of a beach scene which is very fitting with the BamBoo's open car design made for exotic locale mobility.

Rizzi will also attach his special icon, the Rizzi bird, to the BamBoo's roll bar. The bird can change color to suit the driver's mood as well as let others know what that mood is. For example, according to the press release, the color green stands for "I feel like meeting new people. Where is the next party?"

Rinspeed founder Frank M. Rinderknecht says the car is for connoisseurs who want to set themselves apart and that "'BamBoo' represents sheer joy of life, without remorse."

Rinspeed, though, isn't sure whether they will ever be able to bring the BamBoo to production. And that may have their Rizzi bird feeling kind of blue.

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