Maserati are ushering in the New Year with a Quattroporte for the more discering connoisseur. Available only in a limited run of 100 examples, the aptly named "Collezione Cento" is a 'super deluxe' Quattroporte fusing comfort, technology and luxury.

Exclusivity is an Italian trademark. And it is no exception with Italian firm Maserati, who are ushering in the New Year with a Quattroporte debut at Detroit designed for the more discering connoisseur. To be available only as part of a limited run of 100 examples, the aptly named "Collezione Cento" limited edition model is a 'super deluxe' Quattroporte that fuses comfort, technology and luxury in a package only the Italians could concoct.

Starting with a beautifully-pertinent finish, a brand-new ivory colour con coach line traversing the Quattroporte's lines, attention turns to the exuding luxury from the cabin, adorned with 'Cuoio' coloured leather seats and polished Wenge wood inserts on steering wheel, centre console and cubby hole. The interior concept was first shown at last year's Frankfurt Motor Show, where feedback from customers in attendance was used in the cabin's development. And it shows.

Further enhanced by extensive technology integration, the Quattroporte "Collezione Cento" features namely Maserati's Multimedia Entertainment system, the electrics housed in the rear centre armrest, where auxillary input including an iPod and USB devices can be plugged in. But this is a Maserati, which means your armrest comes with a built-in keyboard for internet browsing and e-mail access, while DVDs and the web is viewable via two 10.4" touch screen displays.

Powering the new limited run model is Maserati's 400 hp 4244cc engine, mated to a hydraulic six-speed automatic transmission. Ensuring exclusivity is maintained, the 100 vehicles will be numbered on plates housed in the dashboard moulding. The car makes its debut in Detroit this week.

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