There isn't much left to ponder on the newest model to be added to the Porsche line-up, the Panamera has been spotted so many times lacking any kind of disguise by our spy photographers that it seems pointless doing a reveal article now.

Nonetheless the interest in the model hasn't dropped during the last 12 months, feedback has been pretty united so far ,“fugly” seems to be the most common word associated with the model. However following the first spied interior shots caught a few weeks a go by the intuitive spies at autoscoop, we have have found an area that looks pretty nifty. You can see these photos on the right hand side and judge for yourself.

Regardless of whether love it, like it, hate it or don't care, the Porsche Panemera is coming. It is due to be unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show before going into production at the company's Leipzig plant alongside the Cayenne, around 30,000 units will be produced each year.

Latest Spy Video of Porsche Panamera