Tow-truck pulling on a snowbound tractor as it snags a parked SUV and rips off its rear bumper.

Here's one victim of the recent New York-region blizzard who's ordeal will be played over and over again on You Tube.

Luckily, it's just an SUV. But the owner of the Ford Explorer in this video likely won't be as amused as the rest of us.

The video shows a New York City sanitation crew trying to get a snow-plowing tractor unstuck from the snow. Yes, it was a very heavy snow fall that saw even vehicles this large get snowbound.

A large tow-truck is pulling on the tractor only to have it snag the parked SUV and rip off its bumper while crumpling most of its rear end.

One has to wonder whether the crew noticed this at all or just felt too desperate to care.

New York City officials say they are investigating the incident.