Volkswagen plant will be used for additional capacity to build the Boxster and Cayman models for Porsche.

Porsche will be using a new Volkswagen assembly plant in Osnabrück, Germany, where VW will make the Golf cabriolet model, to build some of its Boxster and Cayman units.

The plant will only be used for additional capacity, though. Porsche will continue to build most units of the Boxster and Cayman models at its own facility in Zuffenhausen.

The move is one more element of consolidation between Porsche and parent company VW Group in sharing resources. VW recently anounced that Porsche would be leading its sports car and large sedan development, displacing Audi on heading several VW Group projects.

Porsche has often contracted its assembly to outside plants, such as Valmet and Magna, and enthusiasts have little to fear with regard to a dilution of quality. Porsche likely knows very well how important its piano string-tight ride quality is to the brand.

Purists can sometimes be too quick to judge automakers for parts and platform-sharing with sister brands - none of which is going on here, by the way. Porsche, as does Audi, continues to design its own chassis and suspension systems independent of VW. But in the marketplace, perception often trumps reality and some purist may balk at a Porsche built alongside a front-wheel drive Volkswagen.

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