Spec commercial for the Bertone Alfa Romeo Pandion concept car shows the car in a futuristic setting.

Here's a video for the Bertone Alfa Romeo Pandion which serves as a speculative commercial for the concept car. The 2 minute production shows the Pandion concept car in a futuristic setting.

The Pandion concept debuted at the Geneva auto show last March and is the work of Bertone's Design and Brand chief Mike Robinson. The design was inspired by the Pandion Haliaetus (the Osprey) which is a predatory bird. Hence, the reverse scissor doors and the skeletal elements to the design. The theme of the design is 'skin and frame'.

The Pandion comes with a front-mounted 4.7 liter V8 with 450 PS (331 kW / 444 bhp) and 470 Nm (347 lb-ft) of torque borrowed from the 8C Competizione. It weighs just 1000 kg (2205 lbs).

The concept was created as part of Alfa Romeo's 100th anniversary celebration and the car, or some of its elements, may just be turned into the next 159 replacement.