Manhattan dealership has created its own $190,000 ultra-luxury Sprinter van that includes satellite TV and radio, a 32-inch LCD screen and Wi-Fi high-speed Internet.

This Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Grand Edition comes to us courtesy of (and solely from) Mercedes-Benz Manhattan.

The Park Avenue dealership has devised this special edition ultra-luxurious Sprinter on its own and has sold 4 units of it so far.

The Sprinter Grand Edition is likened to a "stand-up Maybach" by Mercedes-Benz Manhattan as well as to providing the amenities of a private jet. We get it, it's got everything.

That everything includes Wi-Fi high-speed internet, satellite radio and TV, a 32-inch LCD flat-screen and a 30,000 B.T.U. climate-control system for the large rear passenger area.

The driver and front passenger seats are heated and offer a massage function. The four captain's chairs in the rear of the cabin offer their own kind of Star Trek-level comfort.

The van is powered by a 3.0 liter V6 diesel with an output of 188 hp (140 kW / 190 PS) and 325 lb-ft (440 Nm) of torque.

Price of the Sprinter Grand Edition is $189,850 (€143,869/£123,000). The base-model Sprinter starts at $40,000.

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