Video also shows driver Olaf Dobberkau proposing to co-driver/paramour Alexandra König.

Here's a real video of what things look like on the ground in the German Rally Series. As a follow up from last year's post, this latest footage is a compilation of footage shot over the 2010 season

This video shows driver Olaf Dobberkau and co-driver/paramour Alexandra König, winners of the 2010 Deutsche Rallye Series, driving in the Wartburg Rally for the PRO Rallye TEAM.

We get to see what the Porsche GT3 can do on everyday asphalt and gravel-patched roads. Thankfully, the video's only soundtrack is the roar, screeching and downshifts of the GT3.

Dobberkau is an entertaining driver but the best part is at the end when the two emerge from the car. There's a surprise in store for König when her driver gets down on one knee.

Of course, a Porsche GT3 and a marriage proposal go hand in hand. Only it usually results in the man marrying the car.